Event 活動 - Denim Bazaar 牛仔市集嘉年華

HK Denim Festival

牛仔市集嘉年華將在2019年1月12—13日以及19—20日 (共兩個週末) 於PMQ舉行。多個本土設計品牌及藝術單位將參與是次市集,於現場售賣及展出不同的牛仔服飾、飾物和家品等,當中更會有recycle & upcycle元素的牛仔作品。



公眾可於網上登記參加講座、工作坊及導賞團,當中包括靛藍染色布袋製作、日本傳統天然藍染「嵐絞」體驗、牛仔金箔粘貼製作、牛仔衣物修補等等。工作坊項目中,特別邀請了來自台灣的設計師,熱愛以舊布料重新製作全新牛仔服飾Mia Cheung,屆時她將示範如何以舊牛仔褲改造成銀包。

Collectors 牛仔珍藏交流


Samantha Leung

- Working in fashion retails +15 years (Lane Crawford womenswear , Topshop HK, Imaginex) - As Denim Fan over 15 years or collector (designer brand, second hand, handmade) - Love all the denim product and collected +220pcs Clothing – Jeans, skirt, top, dresses , shirt, coat Acc – rings, bags, necklace. Sneakers Lifestyle – carpet, bedsheet, dolls Beauty & etc - Have one own handmade bag & skirt by myself - Joined denim handmade class with Tommy.

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Hana Indigo | Ray Cheng

Hana IndigoHK is founded by Ray Cheng since 2017. Ray it very enthusiastic about Japanese vintage culture. Since the day he knew about Boro, he could not stop collecting and creating works with it, because he was so into the rich layers and textures of this kind of textiles. But what attracted him most is the long history background of Boro. He is so amazed by how the Japanese treasure the old pieces of Boro textiles, and have been keeping them so well. Ray believes there’s long everlasting soul in those ancient pieces of art, and he hopes to transform them into more possibilities of modern fashion.

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