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Allterractive | Gary Tsang


Gary Tsang studies Fashion Design and Promotion in Australia and United Kingdom,. During this tenure, Gary Tsang work with a number of international brands with focus on Casual and Sportswear style. Gary Tsang is an ardent athlete on mountain bicycle and was a representative of Hong Kong for Asian competition. Inspired by the needs in the sports, and integrated such inspiration in the design of functional sportswear and Denim Casual Street Wear Colleciton. He is a sport enthusiast and his diverse interests lead him to involve in a variety of collaborative and crossover projects, such as fine arts, sport and the charity groups . Gary Tsang also won numerous awards and prizes such as the Global design award 2011, 2016, DFA Award 2016,Hong Kong Jockey Club most design project 2016, Design for Asia award 2016 and the Hong Kong Creative Force 2012, 2016.




12:00 - 18:00