Event 活動 - Bazaar 巿集

Kan Chung Ting Zoey


My name is Zoey Kan, a senior year-three student from Polytechnic University. In the past two years, I have been studying Fashion Design specializing in woven women’s wear in Hong Kong Design Institute. In the past years, I have shown willingness and keen interest in travelling around the world. It broadens my horizon and allows me to get inspirations in my collections. In the last two years, I got an opportunity from Bright Future Charitable Foundation to visit Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology. I am honorable to learn about Melbourne’s culture and art through site-seeing and communicating with local students. My design direction in the future is that I want to focus more on sustainability, like concepts and skills of upcycling, deconstruction and recycling. Indeed, sustainability is the major concern of my previous collections, for my final year project in HKDI, I use a way to dye denim fabric myself in order to spend less blanch and water. The result was pretty satisfying that I got an opportunity to work with Advanced Denim in designing a collection for New York Denim’s Day. I would like work in more designs focusing on sustainability in the future.




12:00 - 18:00