Event 活動 - King of Fashion: Denim 牛仔服裝展

HK Denim Festival

Exhibition area 1: Stories of Denim Brands

展區一: 品牌故事

This area brings together classic local and overseas denim brands, including 45r, Bauhaus, Chevignon, KOYO, Levi’s, Luddite 1881, Scotch & Soda and York. They each will tell their denim story and showcase their precious collection to give let visitors understand how denim trend evolves over the years.

For instance, Levi’s, a 165-year-old brand, will showcases four pairs of priceless jeans. Artist Doug Hansen bought a plain pair of second-hand Levi’s 501®jeans on the cheap in the 1970s, then he kept adding embroidery and decorative emblems on the jeans which is known of as “patch pants”, a unique symbol of Hansen’s personality. Minimalisms had always be Apple founder Steve Jobs fashion philosophy, a black t-short and a pair of jeans was his signature. A pair of Steve Jobs owned vintage Levi’s jeans he wore at press event in 1980s will be exhibited in the exhibition. A pair of jeans owned by a miner named Homer Campbell sewed denim patches onto his Levi’s 501®jeans. Over the years, his work conditions eventually torn the added patches, but the original construction of Levi’s 501®jeans was found remained intact. Campbell’s pair of jeans is described as a highly distressed and faded pair of Levi’s 501®jeans. Furthermore, one the world oldest jeans in the world – Neveda jeans was made in 1880, which was discovered by an American in 1998 from a coal mine in Nevada, it’s the most valuable and vintage collection in Levi’s achieve which was auctioned in 2001 by Levi’s at the priced at US$46,532. This pair of prized jeans was ever named Nevada jeans.

York, the classic Hong Kong jeans maker who led the trends through 1990s in Hong Kong in Hong Kong. The classic York 654 stone-washed jeans and treasured news clipping from old days will take visitor back in time to the glorious days of York.

KOYO hails from Hong Kong. KOYO denims are adorned with flower embroidery, sequins and metal. A similar sequin denim outfit to Jay Chou’s concert costume is displayed at the exhibition.

場內首個展區以多個海外及本地的經典牛仔服飾品牌為主題,包括45r、Bauhaus、Chevignon、KOYO、Levi’s、Luddite 1881、 Scotch & Soda及York,細說它們的牛仔故事,並展出各自的珍品及熱賣品,讓公眾了解到牛仔潮流的演變。例如創立已有165年的Levi’s,將會展出四條珍藏的牛仔褲,分別有藝術家Doug Hansen的刺繡501®牛仔褲 – 他在70年代以低價在二手市場買入一條普通的Levi’s 501®牛仔褲,後來不斷加上刺繡及布章裝飾,成為了極具Doug個人特色的牛仔褲;蘋果教主Steve Jobs的簡約501®牛仔褲 –「極簡主義」的他在80年代蘋果發佈會亮相時身穿的Levi’s 501®牛仔褲;礦工Homer Campbell的堅韌501®牛仔褲 – 這名礦工自己縫紉了一些牛仔布料在他的501®牛仔褲上,多年後那些牛仔布料因工作關係而變得破爛不堪,但內裡的Levi’s 501®牛仔褲仍然堅韌無損;還有古董級的 「牛王」 Nevada jeans – 在1998年有一條Levi’s牛仔褲被一位美國人於Nevada的煤礦掘出,這條出產於1880年的古老牛仔褲其後於2001年的一次拍賣會中,由Levi’s以46,532美元拍到,是現存Levi’s牛仔褲中的一件珍貴古董。

另一經典本土品牌YORK日新牛仔褲在90年代叱吒一時,展覽中除了展出品牌最暢銷的款式 - YORK 654石磨處理洗水牛仔褲,亦會公開一些陳年剪報,讓公眾感受當年YORK炙手可熱的程度。還有來自香港的KOYO,喜好以繡花、珠片和金屬元素等點綴牛仔褲,這次會展出歌手周杰倫在演唱會中曾穿著的同款珠片牛仔裝。

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