Oct 30, 2023

Get ready to rock at our Denim Party! 🎉 We've got a ton of surprises in store just for you. First up, prepare yourself for the incredible inflatable bear, Mr. Bear, making a grand appearance at the Central Market. Mr. Bear represents our dedication to the environment. This amazing creation takes recycled denim jeans and magically transforms them into adorable bear-shaped balloons. This serve as a powerful reminder of the damage caused by excessive consumption. By championing waste repurposing and taking steps to protect our wildlife, we can make a significant impact on our environment. Join us at the Denim Party and be part of this eco-friendly movement. Let's have a blast while making a positive change together! 💙🌍 📅Date: November 3 - 7 📍Venue: Central Market Don't miss out on the opportunity to meet Mr. Bear and snap the perfect selfie! 📸🐻 #HKDF2023 #HKDenimFestival2023 #travelwithdenim #HongKongDesignInstite #CreateHK #香港牛仔節 #Sustainability #牛仔文化 #工作坊 #市集 #時裝展覽

Hong Kong Denim Festival 2023

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